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The Solution for Web Publishers

YesAdvertising has refined tools to give website owners control and bring in exponentially more revenue through pop and video ads.

Gain a new revenue source from your mobile & PC web traffic

Choose the right monetization metric: CPC, CPM, CPV, CPI

Get 10% additional income every time you refer a publisher to join us.

The Solution for App Developers

App developers can utilize our in-app interstitial ads and native ad formats to monetize their Android & IOS apps.

   Developers can select campaigns on their app via SDK

Integration with more than 1,000 campaigns from our ad exchange platform

Available ad units include: native, rich media, video, and app walls

A mix of CPC, CPM & CPV campaigns to choose from

 Campaigns covers over 150+ countries and regions across the world

  Real-time eCPM adjustions to optimize your earnings

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Advantages at a Glance

Paid Weekly

Get paid weekly with check, Paypal, Payoneer, Wire

100% Fill Rate

100% fill rate with maximized payouts for any geo

40+ Ad Formats

More than 40 different ad formats available

Ad Tag

A piece of JavaScript code or direct URL

10% Lifetime Commission

Get 10% lifetime commission by referring your friends

Ad Control & Real-Time Reporting

Complete ad control & real-time reporting

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager

Scanned by TheMediaTrust.com

All campaigns are scanned by themediatrust.com


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