Refer Advertisers/Publishers & Earn 10% Commissions

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Yesadvertising Referral Program’s referral program is designed for anyone who wishes to earn some revenue simply by referring new advertisers and/or publishers to Yesadvertising. As a referral partner, you will have to include the text links and/or creative banners on your website to direct visitors to You may also introduce Yesadvertising to your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances to earn the referral bonus

Refer New Advertisers

You will be earning a 10% commission when you refer new advertisers to us. The commission is based upon the daily advertising spending by referred Advertisers.

Refer New Publishers

Yesadvertising will pay you 10% commission from the daily earnings of referred Publishers. All referral commissions are calculated on a daily basis after our daily system audit.

Yesadvertising Referral Program
Rferral Program Benefit

Benefits of becoming a Referral Partner

Sign up is quick, easy, and free

Access to detailed referral reports

Net 15 payment term

Variety of referral banners to select from

Join Yesadvertising Referral Program Now!

How to sign up to become a Referral Partner?

Sign up for a Publisher account

Click "Referral" icon

Select the banner under Referral code

Add the referral code to your site

Join Yesadvertising Referral Program Now!
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