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Display Ads

With display banners built in, and utilizing IAB standard and custom creative units, you can take advantage of the flexibility of these units to help you reach your goals and make your display ads stand out from the crowd. Campaigns only take a few minutes to create and launch with YesAdvertising.

display ads
mobile ads

Mobile Ads

YesAdvertising has a large and growing mobile inventory that is connected with many major mobile ad exchanges to meet growing mobile market demands. With broad and expanding mobile inventory, YesAdvertising has advanced targeting options to help you effectively reach your target audiences and goals. Mobile targeting capacity includes, but is not limit to: language, geos, device, carrier, mobile, web and in-app traffic.

Video Ads

With online video viewing/streaming becoming the trend, and traditional TV becoming a thing of the past, video advertising is what you would need to send out a message to broad demographics in different corners of the world. YesAdvertising has advanced video advertising technology with thousands of sites in its inventory to help you reach the audience you are looking for.

video ads
local ads

Local Ads

As the world population spends more time engaging with content online everyday, digital marketers need to be more creative and find interactive ways to engage with these audiences. YesAdvertising helps digital marketers place their native advertising campaigns that would directly connect the content to the audience.


YesAdvertising offers easy-to-use solutions packed with powerful features ready to serve your business. All accounts are loaded with tons of features to help you turn your prospects into paying customers. We provide detailed reporting to let you optimize your email marketing campaigns. Main features include:

  • List Management
  • Autoresponders
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Dedicated IP Address


YesAdvertising partners with various ad networks to exchange traffic and advertisements through XML feeds. We take all valid XML feeds and integrate them to our platform with advanced targeting options.