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Prescriptive Analytic Algorithms

Advertisers' Challenge

Most advertisers and marketers spend thousands of dollars to run and optimize their campaigns.

YesAdvertising's Solution

Utilizing Big Data Technology, our prescriptive algorithms go beyond descriptive and predictive models to suggest the likely outcome of each decision. That is, when advertisers prescribe an action, our system can recommend audiences that are likely to offer the best returns. As a result, advertisers can save thousands of dollars. Also, our platform recalibrates itself with incoming data, so the algorithms evolve as well to optimize the campaign even further.

Prescriptive Analytic Algorithms
Traffic Score & Fraud Detection

Traffic Score & Fraud Detection

YesAdvertising includes a built-in traffic quality engine to significantly improve traffic acquisition costs and monetization. Each impression in YesAdvertising is rated on a scale from 1 to 100 in different categories. Our score examines three main categories of data

Visitor attributes

Behavior in different campaign channels

3rd party traffic data

Malware Detection

Each campaign goes through 2 steps of reviews to protect YesAdvertising publishers:

  • Each campaign is scanned through
  • Our campaign audit team will double check campaigns before they launch to a publisher network.

Our platform continues monitoring all campaigns after they go live. If there is any warning from, the campaign will get suspended immediately.

Malware Detection

Targeting Features

Contextual Targeting

Channel Targeting

Device Targeting

Ad Scheduling

Geo/Location Targeting

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Targeting

IP Range Targeting

Language Targeting

Mobile Carrier Targeting

Operating System Targeting

Traffic Score & Fraud Detection

Conversion Tracking

YesAdvertising offers the most comprehensive tracking technology option for mobile & web advertising campaigns. Advertisers and app owners can monitor the effectiveness of their promotional efforts across:

Platforms — iOS, Android, and Windows

Channels — In-app, mobile, and PC  

Devices — PC, smart phones, and tablets

Conversion tracking uses the following methodologies:

  • Common identifiers (SUBID, MSID, MAC address)
  • Referrer URL
  • HTML5 mobile cookies